A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

The Chronicle of Leythea is part 1 of a 3 part game series , It is a medieval adventure story with  inspired from countless role playing games over the past decade. Please review and send suggestions! donations are appreciated.

Install instructions

Download the compressed zip file, open the folders

 Double click "Game" - Application

Yes to "Extract all" , it may take a couple minutes.

When everthing is extracted.

Double click "Game" - Application to play! it auto sizes your screen you don't need to adjust.


Chronicles of Leythea Full Game V1.0 ZIP.zip 947 MB


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So when is V1.1 coming out?

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Downloaded it and tried to extract, received messages telling me a number of files were corrupt.
Might just be my computer being silly, i'll try again later.

If you completed the Extract, All the icons should have changed. Let me know what happens if you try it again, and what system are you using? PC or MAC?

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Running on a PC.
Still getting the file is corrupted mesasages.
If I try to run the Game file, it tells me  "Error, Your browser does not support Web Audio API"

EDIT: Tried it on my housemates Computer, he has the same errors, but he can't extract the program at all.

Okay thank you, just wondering do you have "Drop Box" its the compression program I used to turn the file into a zip file. I just downloaded the zip file again and it worked but maybe because it goes into my "Drop Box"

I do have Drop box, but can't get it to help with the extraction at all. I thought everyone used WINRAR for compressing files these days.

I had a error appear when I used a revival potion, if anyone runs into this issue, please post!

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11/09/17 Bug found. Mossy Oak village. Do not spar with Maximus, it creates an endless loop you cannot exit. Say "No" if your prompted to spar. I will fix in the next update!